Using R for Machine Learning

A walkthrough showing how to use the 'caret' package in R to perform Machine Learning tasks

(as of 08-JAN-2020) Before starting with this blog, I would like to direct you to a post made by one of my peers, Evan Horsley. He does a great job of introducing R and helping people get started with the programming language. You can find it here. This blog post will show you how to install and use the ‘caret’ package in R. It will also cover how to train and build models using Machine Learning!

Getting Started with R and R Studio

A walkthrough of beginning with the R programming language

(as of 16-DEC-2019) R is an open source language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. Here at IEL, we deal with very large sets of data every single day. R is a powerful programming language for handling this data and breaking it down in new ways. Many people prefer Python and its packages like Pandas to deal with these large sets of data. There are a few drawbacks to using Python to handle this data, however, including the lack of a GUI and a worse off ecosystem (fewer packages, smaller community, etc), just to name a few.